5 Tips for Speaking on Camera

Video Production

Video Production
Your script is done, the prep is over and now it’s time to shoot your video. All the planning has come down to this and you’re up until 2am the night before wondering how you’re going to lose 15 pounds by sunrise.


Here are 5 steps to make your video production easier.

video production1. Hydrate

When in doubt, lubricate.  You’re anxious, the lights are hot, and a lot of people are watching your every move.  The last thing you need is to get cotton-mouth.  Drink water all day. And save the booze for after.


video production2. Wear Blue

Everyone looks good in blue: boys, girls, black folks, white folks, Latinos, Asians, redheads and eskimos.  Blue makes us all pop against most backgrounds.  Plus it’s a color that conotes trust.


video production3. No Fidgeting

You’re a little nervous and your body wants to show it.  Your eyes dart back and forth, you stretch your chin, your hands go everywhere.  Stop.  Pretend you’re a lion on the hot Savanna.  No wasted movement.


video production

4. Know Your Lines

Nobody expects you to be Tom Hanks, but review the story before the video production starts.  If you have trouble memorizing, just remember your bullet points and let the director guide you.


video production5. Confidence Wins

You are in front of the camera for a reason.  You’re an expert, an asset, a thought leader, a resource, a skilled, capable, clever professional who has been selected because you have something important to say.  Be bold.

You’re going to be great.  Just make sure you hire a good producer who stocks your dressing room with green M&Ms.

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