How Do You Make This Video Succeed?

Schlage just launched their “Open Possibilities” campaign with this video:


Talk about a tough assignment.  You’re selling door handles.  When an agency is dealing with a director of consumer marketing who’s statements include “it’s our mission to bring the possibilities of every door to life,” you know you’ve got some serious bullshit to wade through.

Striking an emotional tone is the right idea, but (once again) Schlage spends the entire 30 seconds talking about themselves.  “We see technology that’s a little more welcoming.”   That’s a nice thought but the tech doesn’t look welcoming at all–the goal was to show your phone unlocking the door, but they hurry so fast past that idea that the dog becomes the welcoming factor.

When you tout your “vision” of a door handle as a blank canvas, you probably shouldn’t be forced to repeat the same three door handles in 30 seconds, nor should you end the story with an 8-second shot of a door handle that looks like it was designed in 1985.

It’s a tough job, no doubt.  But selling the consumer on the design and lifestyle associated with Schlage’s “blank canvas” should make you crave a new door handle, not put you to sleep.

There are hundreds of handles and hundreds of doors, and picking the most artistic (and expensive) for your video should be the goal.  Talk about the consumer and the magic that can come from opening that door: meeting old friends, a young love, and the family at Christmas.   Warm the heart and make the door handle a portal into a world of emotion.

Inspire the audience to associate your brand with that love, and your video will win hearts and minds all day long.

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