5 Rules for Video Advertising Online

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Online video advertising is becoming the go-to solution for brands.  But the devil’s in the details.

Yahoo! Recently released the data they gathered with Nielsen for online advertising and there are a couple of tidbits I think you will find useful.   The most important finding is obvious: TV is falling fast while mobile video is skyrocketing to the preferred format for consumption.  No surprises there.  But when you’re making your online video ad, what should you keep in mind?

Here are the 5 things that stood out to me:

 Online Video Advertising

  1. Make the Logo Bigger

Larger logos help to reinforce familiarity with the brand and most importantly, increase affinity conversion. For those of you who have worked with me before, you’ve heard this so much it’s probably written on the inside of your eyelids.


Online Video Advertising

  1. CTA: Compel The Appetite

Your call-to-action isn’t everything, but it’s close.  A cool vid is great, but if the viewer doesn’t know what they’re supposed to do next, they won’t do it.  Interestingly, the survey said CTAs increase brand recommendation and purchase intent, making the CTA important in a variety of ways.




Online Video Advertising

  1. Brand Timing? Fugetaboutit

A lot of time & money has been spent trying to figure out when to include the brand in your vid.  I’ve heard enough opinions on this subject to break my brain.  Turns out, it doesn’t matter (yay!).  Consumers care a lot more about the relevance of your content.


Online Video Advertising

  1. 15-second Ads Win

There was plenty of data supporting the traditional 30 second ad, but 15 seconds is now the optimum length for an online ad.   What’s important is the specific length reminds us of Instagram’s restrictions, justifying the popularity of the short hit.



Online Video Advertising

  1. Auto-Start Go!

Video ads with auto-start perform better in aided recall, brand familiarity and affinity. Auto-start is annoying and disruptive for some consumers, but so are television ads.  Get aggressive and get your message rolling.


If you want more details or advice on getting your video advertising rolling out the right way, just give me a call.

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