Video Testimonials: Your Secret Weapon

Video Testimonial

The secret to success is hard work, right?

Pro Tip:  You can work hard 24/7 but if no one is singing your praises you’re never going to be successful…you’re just going to be working hard.

Doctors, lawyers and financial advisors build their practice based on referrals.  You’ve got happy clients, but are you doing anything to encourage them to spread the word?


Keep working hard.

By The Numbers

Here are a few statistics for you to consider:

  1. Testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for all types of content marketing at 89% (WebDAM)
  2. Testimonials create a 74% increase in product conversion (People Claim)
  3. 77% of consumers take the time to look at testimonials/reviews before they purchase (Juniper Research)
  4. 65% of consumers are visual learners (WebDAM)
  5. Website visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product on after watching a video (ComScore)
  6. Visitors who watch a video linger on a website an average of 2 minutes longer than those who don’t. (ComScore)

Video Testimonial


Video Testimonials = New Clients

If you aren’t making video testimonials yet, you need to start.  When prospects arrive on your site, they should see themselves in your content.  Their problems, their concerns and their solutions (your solutions) are reflected in your video, told in the faces of their peers.

Help your clients build your business.  They’re the best promoter you’ve got.

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